How To Bet On Bubba's 120 Pizza Roll Challange

4/16/20 is going down as a day in history that many will never forget. Tonight at 6 P.M. on Twitter, our very own Bubba will be consuming 120 pizza rolls in one sitting.

Just to give you a rough estimate of how this stacks up nutritionally, here are some stats:

Calories: 4,200

Calories from fat: 1,600

Total Fat: 160g

Sodium: 7,400mg

Carbohydrates: 600g

Dietary Fiber: 20g

Sugars: 40g

Protein: 120g

These numbers are absolutely incredible. The calorie count alone will make you give it a double or even a triple take. The normal person would look at such figures and want to vomit before even taking a bite, but Bubba isn't a normal person. Bubba is a professional (kinda) and is making that public tonight. Since I haven't had anything to bet on, I figured this would be the best time to launch Bossman Bets, a new betting platform managed by me that will feature all sorts of outrageous wagers on odd events.

Betting on Bubbas Pizza Roll Challenge:

Will he finish all 120? Yes(+200) No(-200)

Time finished: Over 1 hour (-300) Under 1 hour(+200)

Does he burn tounge? Yes(-500) No(+150)

How many times does he say the F-word? Under 30(-100) Over 30(+100)

To place a bet, simply Venmo jack-leverentz with the amount of your wager along with the contest you would like to bet on and your selected otcome. Payouts will be distributed right after the event. Any questions can be directed to @bossmanlevy on Twitter. Happy gambling!

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