I Am Now an Ordained Minister

To kickoff the first official day of #BossmanBlogs, I'm going to drop the most odd, subtle flex that a person can brag about:

I'm well aware it says "COPY" but the real thing is $39. Will probably still buy it though

As of February 16th 2020, Jack Robert Leverentz is officially licensed to perform marriage ceremonies in the State of Minnesota. Honestly it's been one those weird things Iv'e wanted to do for a while. So what did I do? I literally googled a Universal Church that would authorize people to perform such ceremonies online and 30 minutes later... here we are.

And now that I am part of the Universal Life Church, I rank among some of the most popular ministers in the world. These people include:

  • Conan O'Brien

  • Ben Cumberbatch

  • Ian McKellen

  • Lady Gaga

  • Paul McCartney

  • Stephen Colbert

  • The Rock

  • Richard Branson

  • Jack Leverentz

With that if anyone is looking to get married on a budget, I'm your guy.

The best part about having me as the one who ties the knot? I don't charge. All I ask is that I get invited to the reception and gain full access to the open bar. The way I've heard it described is "work hard play harder".


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