I Have Some Devastating News

It's not clickbait, it's not some scam to get pageviews, and its certainly not some kind of funny joke. It's a personal announcement that I am saddened to deliver today. Bear in mind, I intend on announcing this with the upmost professionalism because I respect all of the loyal readers, listeners, and supporters here at 10,000 Takes.

After talking to my family, my lawyer, and some of my closest friends, I have decided to take a month off from Sports gambling.

Please save your questions for the end. I am well aware that there will be tears, there will be backlash, and you might think that the Jack Leverentz persona is melting. But believe me when I say that this is for the best. The bad beats have been too bad. My gambling losses have started to cut into my bowling/bud light budget. And I refuse to let something as important as my Friday nights at Bogart's Entertainment Center in Apple Valley to be in jeopardy. It just makes me less of a man and less of myself. Something had to give.

For those of you who need gambling advice. I'm happy to tell you who I would pick so you can pick the opposite and continue to shower in money. I'll do that for free. Because I care. Because there is more to life than money. Take Friday night bowling at Bogart's Entertainment Center in Apple Valley for example. Thats what matters in life.

With that I want to thank everyone who decides to stick with me going forward. Please know this, the time off won't be spent relaxing. I will spend everyday learning the analytics, making industry partners, and studdying shot charts (Sharts). It will be the gambling equivalent to a Rockey montage. Except it will end with a slight weight gain, lower back problems, and the need for blue light glasses, not a fighter's body.

I will come back for March Madness and will start my climb to be the best sports gambler to ever do it. Thats a promise (unless it's not).

There will be no further comments at this time. Please direct all questions to my burner email that I sign up for sketchy websites with: igolfusa11@gmail.com

- Jack Robert Leverentz

Bossman of 10,000 Takes ("The Take")

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