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I'm About to Embark on a Major Life Challange

As I sit here at my desk reflecting on how the 22 years of my life have gone so far, it's interesting to look at all of the mistakes I've made balanced with the victories I have achieved.

After an extremely long period analyzing all of my life's events (it took me about 3 and a half minutes) I've noticed a gap in my timeline. I've never really pushed myself to the absolute limit before. Sure I've left my comfort zone plenty of times, but I've never really pushed myself to the edge, like ever.

So I've finally reached a point where I think it's best for me to venture out into the abis and do something that forces me to stay out the the comfort zone for a little while. I'm talking about challenging myself to full capacity, regardless of time, dedication, effort, and required perseverance.

And don't think for a second I'm going sky diving, climbing Mount Everest, or fighting a Russian to avenge my fictional friend, Apollo Creed... If it were something that easy, I would have done all three of those things in my life by now.

Im talking about blogging for the next 100 days straight. (Please save all questions for the end).

Yes ladies and gentleman, you heard me crystal clear. I am going to write at least one blog for the next 100 days straight. And no one is going to tell me I can't.

Why would I embark on a challenge like this you ask? Because I believe that our time on this planet could end at any second and we should do things that terrify us, even if its a random ass day in February and there's not a single thing happening in the world. There's always a story!

Sports, betting, music, drinking, exercise, etc. Nothing is off limits (except touchy subjects that are). You can catch me blogging about anything and everything under the sun for the next 100 days straight. And yes I'll admit It's going to be difficult at times. There are days where I will be too hungover to leave my bed, days where fun is happening all around me, and days where I need some time away. But with your support, May 25th will come faster than we know it!

So with that, like how most great movements are created, I'm going to create a hashtag.

#BossmanBlogs ... Keep up with this hashtag to follow the action, because this is going to get interesting.

Keep it real,


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