I'm Building An Army, Who Wants In?

No not an actual army who kills people and protects. I don't think my army would stand a chance in any combat situation, I can barley steal a kill in a Call of Duty 1v1.

Anyways, I'm going to put this simply. 10,000 Takes is my baby, my dream. This whole thing started when I was at the State Fair, highly intoxicated. I thought about popular 18+ digital media companies, how much I loved their stuff and how successful they are in big market cities. I thought: "Why the hell don't they have something like that here in the cities? A fun place with fun people and lots to cover?" Or even the entire midwest for that matter.

So that was the start. I built a website, picked a name, and wrote a couple blogs. But the truth is, I could't do it alone. I needed (and will always need) talented and fun people who can double as friends, as well as co-workers. People that don't care about money or fame, but doing something fun everyday and delivering just a little bit of humor in the world's day.

So I built a team and searched my network far and wide for creative people I have met over the years. And they have been helping me kill it, honestly. In our first 5 months we have a combined following of over 3,000 people on social media, have been featured on multiple radio shows, are running multiple podcasts, and are working out deals with professional athletes, entertainers, and midwestern brands.

But as we grow, I refuse to reach a situation where we don't have the manpower, don't have the brainpower, or don't have the talent to handle the crazy shit that these wild journeys throw at you.

So we're opening the flood gates. We are looking for creative people to help us build our dream of taking this little midwestern blog to the big leagues. The power of people is unmatched, especially in a world where the digital media landscape is constantly growing and changing. When it comes to something at this stage, being a part of a movement is extremely exciting and challenging in such a good way.

SO who are we looking for? We're looking for ambitious dreamers who are not only creative and entertaining, but looking to invest their creativity into a fun opportunity where there are no rules or limits to what you can do. You can write a blog once a month, or be heavily involved in the daily planning and strategizing that it takes to run this train. I'm open to anyone and everything.

With that if you or someone you know is interested in helping us out in anyway, we would love to talk. You can DM the 10,000 Takes account on any of our platforms or you can reach out to me directly, whatever floats your goat.

Or if you're really a fucking rockstar, click this link: https://forms.gle/YkaBkNrjq11NPhxc7


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