I'm Going To Eat 120 Pizza Rolls In One Sitting

Joey Chestnut? Never heard of him. He’s that guy who shows up on your TV when you’re drunk by 11 AM on the Fourth of July. Bubba? Now that a person people can get behind. These competitive eaters are all about speed. How much can you eat in 30 minutes compared to everyone else is no way to measure the ability of a competitive eater. It's the amount they can eat in one sitting that separates the boys from the men. Bubba is the same way at the dinner table that he is in the bedroom, he takes his time but damn does he deliver.

Aside from the fact that I’m on probation, I’ll be breaking into Bossman’s fancy white-collared apartment tommorrow to cook an aggressive amount of pizza rolls in his million-dollar oven. From there I plan on absolutely deleting every crumb that comes in the package that feeds an entire family. Want to know why? Because Bubba has an unmatched level of skill that he wants the world to see. And now is the time to deliver.

So with that, I’ll be going live on Twitter (@bubbabreakdown1) tomorrow night at 6 PM CT to see how long I take to finish all 120 pizza rolls. And since Bossman won’t stop bugging me about gambling on it, I will announce the over/under and odds of the challenge an hour before the stream. See you there you fucks.  Love u,


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