I'm Mad I Didn't get a Free Wild/Twins Hat and It's My Fault

Look at this sexy fucking hat. Two of my favorite people: TC and Nordy, showing off this awesome piece of headwear. A hybrid between two of my favorite teams.

Guess whose fault it is that I didn't get it? My own... It was one of those promotions where you have to purchase a certain type of ticket to receive the hat. I decided to purchase a general ticket and not support the Minnesota Wild... Shame on me.

As an amateur and slightly comedic writer for the Minnesota Twins (They won 5-0 last night btw), these are the types of things I NEED to know. I promise I will do better next time. There won't be a free hat promotion that will go un-blogged.

On the bright side, I have been picking my dates very well. When I went to the game on Saturday, I received a bobblehead that tributes Joe Mauer's last game

Check that out, already on E-Bay for $50.00

Between scoring the bobblehead and missing out on the hat, I'm gonna call it a wash for promotions this month.

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