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I Said Hey, What's Up, Hello

Hey everyone, I'm Coleman, though you'll frequently see me referred to by my username for every social media site imaginable, as well as Gummy Bear, The Database, or something Nebraska related. Here at The Take, I'll be providing unbiased yet extremely hot, and occasionally controversial, takes on everything ranging from sports, movies, music, and pop culture in general.

A little about myself: I'm a huge Oxford comma guy. Get used to it. As a Nebraska native, I always have been and will be a diehard Husker football fan. Take that as you will, and yes I'm aware we're in rebuild mode for the foreseeable future. Other than that, I've always been a huge D.C./Baltimore sports fan due to family ties in that area. As a Redskins/Orioles/Wizards/Capitals/DC United/Terps fan, I know how yearly disappointment feels (or felt until the Terps won the lax Natty in 2016 and the Caps won the Cup in 2018). I sympathize with the Minnesota sports fan. I know how terrible it is to watch your teams have some sort of hope for a championship, only to choke in the playoffs or overpay for a scrub that ends up ruining the whole team (looking at you Captain Kirk).

As far as what to expect from me, I can and will cover anything and everything, especially sports that don't necessarily get all the love, and I'm a lacrosse guy first and foremost. It's my favorite sport and I know Minnesota has turned into a Midwest hotbed recently, so I'm gonna be the guy to give it the coverage it deserves. I'll be covering the NCAA, PLL, MLL, NLL, some local high school, and even the MCLA (cause Minnesota teams pretty much run D2) for you guys.

In addition, I'll also be dishing out takes left and right that Bossman sees as "controversial" for whatever reason. For example, I honestly believe Interstellar wasn't that great a movie (it wasn't), and that Kirk Cousins is the human equivalent of tofu (he is). I'm also somewhat of a gambler myself, though not on the level of Bossman or Gamblin' Gabe. You'll all probably hate some of the stuff I say. You may find yourself wanting to tar and feather me in downtown Minneapolis. But I'm not Gabe, I don't hate Minnesota, I actually love parts of the state. I just give honest, unbiased takes that are presented in such a way that if you are personally offended, its because you're wrong.

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