We are now eight days into May, and we have not heard really anything on the signing of Kirill Kaprizov. I know May 1 was the "official" date he could sign, but that was before the KHL season was suspended. I think he could have actually signed before then if he wanted to.

All this time has gone by, and he still has not signed with the Minnesota Wild. Is this cause for concern? Probably not, but all this time going by and not seeing the BREAKING News story of Kaprizov's official signing is worrisome. And this tweet from the all knowing hockey god, Mike Russo leaves me a little terrified:

How much would it suck to hype this man up all this time, especially in the last few months, for this all to break apart. Again, I think the chances of him eventually signing with the Wild are high, but you may be asking why he can't just sign already. I think Russo's above tweet may answer that question.

There is much more to it than just signing a piece of paper and being apart of the team, obviously. You need to get an agent involved, and this pandemic is not making things any easier. Even if he does want to play right away, we don't even know if he will be allowed to play this season, if it were to resume. And having next season potentially start in December could deter him from playing in a Wild sweater. SCARY STUFF!

CURSE YOU COVID-19!!! I swear to all this holy, if this damn virus ruins Minnesota from getting something nice for once, like in this case, getting a hockey player who some compare to hockey great, Alexander Ovechkin, I am going to lose it!!!

This could be Minnesota's big break in something for once, where we could actually be somebody, and plug us into the social pipeline (play on a Dumb and Dumber quote). Have you seen the guy play? We cannot miss out on this. Potential greatness is right at our fingertips. I can almost taste the sweet nectar of the Stanley Cup.....ok, I am getting ahead of myself, but you know what I mean!

The guy is GOOD! And the more that time goes by, the more worried I get this opportunity could slip away. I WANT KAPRIZOV, AND I WANT HIM NOW!

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