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I Will Not Let the Coronavirus Ruin the XFL

If you follow me or follow any of my blogs, all you hear is XFL this XFL that. I fucking love this league. I knew I loved this league when I heard an f-bomb dropped in a live interview. And keep in mind this was in the first quarter of its first game. I also love the fact that I can watch games on Saturday, and that I never forget the betting odds because they are on the scoreboard. This league literally exists for people like me. And on top of all of that, players in the XFL like 10,000 Takes and what we do. Because we are trying to grow together.

I won't let anyone take this league away from me, I'm too invested. In yesterday's breaking news, the Coronavirus stole the show yet again with this devastating strike:


A stadium employee who worked at the XFL's Seattle Dragons home game Feb. 22 at CenturyLink Field has tested positive for the coronavirus, King County health officials said, but as of now, no games scheduled to be played at the facility have been canceled.

The MLS' Seattle Sounders host the Columbus Crew at CenturyLink on Saturday.

The Seattle Times reported that the employee who tested positive for the virus -- which causes the disease known as COVID19 -- was a concessions vendor.

A concessions vendor?? I don't think it gets any worse than that. His job is literally to touch things that people put in their mouths (thats what she said). OVER 22,000 people were at that game. It's not like he was working the security station telling people to put their phones into a dish, he was handing things to other people. Hell, it would have been a better situation if the heavy breathing guy who makes the booth reviews would have gotten infected. Worst case scenario in that situation is he gives that Xbox he reviews the plays on the red ring of death.

And when they said "The King County press office said in a statement that the risk to those who attended the game is low". WHAT???? You really want to trust those shitty plastic gloves they wear to prevent a fast spreading virus? Thats absolute bananas. With all of the talk about the virus canceling sporting events, it sounds like the XFL would be the first to fall.

But maybe this a good thing for the XFL. It is called the Extreme Football League for a reason. It's not suppose to be like regular football. You could walk in with a $25 dollar ticket and walk out 3 hours later with the Coronavirus, seems pretty extreme to me.

With that I'm excited for Week 5 to go under way, Saturday football/betting/drinking is becoming my new favorite hobby.

Skol Hawks!


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