In The Mist Of Looting, This Guy Decides to Steal a Mannequin

We can all agree theres nothing funny about everything that has gone down in our beloved city of Minneapolis the last few days...

Being perfectly honest, something that is funny is this video:

This guy had one opportunity to steal ANYTHING he wanted from Target. Most people were going for toilet paper, clothes, a stack of TV's equivalent to the height of Yao Ming... But he went for the Mannequin (pronounced Mana-quinn in the video lol).

He refused to leave this store empty handed, but you gotta think there was something in there better than this... I mean mannequins are creepy as hell no matter where you put them.

And what was the motive here? Why is this something you want to steal? Are you searching for love and putting the Mr. Lahey spin on it?

I really don't know, what I do know is that it felt good to laugh out loud on Twitter for the first time in a few days. Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Minneapolis right now.

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