Jack's Instagram Spam: Week 2

I'm back and better than ever. Before reading this blog, please call your local fire department. Because their are some fiery hot takes inbound at lighting speed:

Queen wasn't that good of a band; songwriting was meh outside of Bohemian Rhapsody

I can honestly say that six months ago I would have agreed with this. I was anti-queen. I thought their music was all over the place and was just shitty in general. With the movie Bohemian Rhapsody coming out and pulling in new millennial queen fans, I couldn't stand what I was seeing.

I was riding this hate train until I wasn't. I saw the movie with the same pair of eyes that blinks a million times a second when I spend 14 hours straight working on my computer (subtle flex that I work ALOT, because I do). This movie was fan fucking tastic, the history of the band and the movement in music they created was one of a kind.

After seeing this movie, I listen to queen at least once a day. The movie is 10/10 and if you disagree that Rami Malek deserved that Oscar over Bradley Cooper, you must be high on fucking crack.

And what do you mean the song writing was "meh"? Do you listen to their music on a construction site? With two blenders pressed against your ears? While standing inside of a jet engine? The music is so good, you just have to watch the movie first.

How does dick size affect monetary policy between China and the US?

Great question. Just give me one second to put on my international economics hat. If we are talking parallel numbers, I am assuming that interest payable rates to china are decided by US presidential dick size.

Hear me out on this one, we have been borrowing money from China since 2010 ( we owe them $1.05 trillion, which is in the ballpark of how much I spent in Dinky last weekend at the bars). Since then, our presidents have been: Obama and Trump. We don't have confirmed metrics on the size of each gentleman's gentiles, but if talk to some porn stars, models, and secretaries, we could get to the bottom of it. Take the accrued interest rate, divide it by 2, and I bet the numbers would be pretty damn close.

Jake Bringgold is the biggest Hummer at 10,000 Takes

This word has been thrown around an awful lot lately, especially at us. Honestly if people on the internet want to call us homers, then we are doing everything right.

10,000 Takes is all about Minnesota (for now, we have YUGE expansion plans for the future). We are just some hardcore Minnesota Sports fans that root for the HOME team, because it's where we live lol.

Jake is also the most hardcore Minnesota Sports fan I've ever met. If you want to know how to get that guy fired up, make fun of anything Minnesota, especially the Gophers and "Row the Boat". He'll respectfully get in your face about it.

The Twins Beautiful light blue unis

100% agree, those jerseys are beautiful. And there's no one happier than me that they are coming back. I have an original Rod Carew jersey in my closet at my parent's house and you bet your ass I would still be wearing it if it didn't happen to be a child's medium.

Believe it or not this isn't even us plugging the jerseys, the guy who submitted this is a Yankee's fan. Thats a level of respect worth appreciating.

Packers #1 in the NFC North, since you're the only non native Minnesotan I trust you

Lets start by saying that the best team in the NFC North isn't the Bears or the Lions, so that eliminates two options.

I'm a great third party, non-biased opinion to settle this argument. I was born in Minnesota, raised in Wisconsin about 15 minutes from the border, and currently reside in Minnesota. My whole life as a football fan has been listening to Viking's fans fight with Packer's fans. I got so sick of it that I went south and started rooting for the Colts. So I am always happy to answer these types of questions.

This division will end in a barn burner that will be played in US Bank Stadium. Both teams have been just so all over the board in game to game performance that I don't feel like I stand a chance in hell predicting this. But if I had to pick one, I would say the Green Bay Packers, I think that both teams will tie at 11-5, but the Packers will win the tie breaker. Sue me.

Bulldogs > Gophers. You never talk about that one

You can't even dispute this one because the Bulldogs have won the last two national championships. The last time the Gophers won a national championship was in 2003, 16 fucking years ago.

What I think really caused this was breaking up the WCHA. They intended to make more money by creating the Big10, but in all reality they just discouraged great high school players from playing at the U. Sad!

Opinion on the Sioux Gopher hockey series

Some of the other guys who write for this page would't agree, but I loved the outcome. I am a UND graduate, so you can chalk me up for 2 Minnesota sports teams that I'm not a first fan of.

It's pretty sad how the crooks that broke up the WCHA ruined this one, I grew up watching this series and it was the best weekend of the year. Two teams of talented players that genuinely hated each other beyond the fact that they were a division rivals going at it. The stomping that the Sioux (Not the Hawks) delivered this last weekend was honestly embarrassing for the University of Minnesota and they might want to take that offer for a new goalie more seriously.

подруга или друг

This submission is as russian as it gets. Credit to me for guessing this was Russian on my first try. After popping this bad boy in Google Translate, it reads: "Girlfriend or Boyfriend?"

To tell the truth Ms. Probable Russian bot that is using 10,000 Takes as it's way into US social media data, here's what I'll answer:

I do happen to be searching for a girlfriend, outside of my full time job and my part time job of writing blogs, editing videos, and building the internet's next empire. I got some time on my hands.

Is it ethical to jerk off with a stolen pocket pussy?

Absolutely not, who cares about ethics? It's not sanitary whatsoever. Thats the dealbreaker for me.

Cigs inside?

I've smoked cigarettes inside and I've done it outside. I really only do it when I'm drunk and someone coerces me into doing it. Even though my lungs feel like tar the next morning, I like doing it every now and then, just for the thrill.

I will tell you this, smoking it inside is 10x better, especially in the winter time. When you're at a college party and the owner of the house says "My land lord is a dick, who cares?" that's all I need. Pass me one of those cancer sticks Jimmy.

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