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Hey Minnesotans, and Wisconsinites that wish they were Minnesotans. My name is Will, also known as mathman, and I’m the newest contributor here at 10,000 Takes. I’m excited to be bringing you my takes on Minnesota sports - especially the Wild - as well as cueing you in on the best bang for your buck in the sports gambling world as soon as sports seasons resume (I promise they will eventually).

Here’s a little about me. I grew up near St. Paul and I’m currently a junior at the U of M pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering with a minor in computer science. My family has held Wild season tickets since year 1 and one of the best nights of my life was April 30, 2014 (fuck you, Patrick Roy).

I’m an avid golfer and single handicap, and would love to take on any of my fellow 10,000 Takes contributors in a friendly match when the petition to reopen Minnesota golf courses gets approved.

As a contributor, I will primarily be putting out material about the Wild, with the occasional Twins, Gophers, or Vikings post. I will also bring you the hottest takes from the PGA Tour and the golfing world, so if Patrick Reed accosts any more cameramen or Brooks hooks up with another Tour player’s wife, you’ll be sure to hear from me about it. I’m a math guy (obviously), so you’ll definitely run into a lot of stats and numbers in my posts. If that scares you away, I’m not sorry.

In addition, I’m planning on putting out a gambling series that utilizes computer science to find the true value of a bet (and therefore find the best bet of the night). That will be further down the road, but I’m looking forward to getting started on it and bringing it to you guys.

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!

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