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Introducing the 10K Mailbag

Would you look at that, we've got a new feature here at 10,000 takes. We have decided that our readers have questions that deserve answers and because I am the smartest guy here, I am just the man for the job. The mailbag will answer any good questions you have. It will also answer any bad questions you have. They can be about sports, life, members of the take, or whatever the hell else is on your mind. The frequency of the mailbag will depend entirely on how many questions are submitted and whether or not I feel like answering them. You can submit your questions to 10ktakesmailbag@gmail.com, or on twitter to @10000takesmn or @billybrew. If you have a particularly good (or funny) question, it may be featured as the best question of the bag.

Questions may be edited for length, spelling, or to make sure they make some fucking sense.

The mailbag got off to a hot start with several people electing not to ask a question, but rather to tell me to eat shit or fuck myself. Well done, people. We provided a way to ask questions and you fucked it up. Bravo. On to the submissions.

Jim (Iowa City):

"Fuck you Billy Brew, if you were defending OJ he would have gotten the chair."

Thanks for writing in, Jim. This is why everyone hates Iowa. However, I've got to give this one to old Jim. I likely wouldn't have been successful defending OJ. You see, the trial ended well before my sixth birthday. I was obviously smart enough to win that trial at the age of 5, but unfortunately for OJ, I wasn't licensed to practice law in California. A real shame for OJ because I probably would have charged him half as much as that ridiculous legal team he hired.

Tim (Coon Rapids):

"When are sports coming back?"

I, along with everyone else on the fucking planet, do not know. I bet if you keep asking it will help.

Andy (not the 10k guy) (Eden Prairie)

"What's the deal with Bubba?"

What makes you think any of us has a clue? That guy doesn't even know what his own deal is, or even what's going on most of the time. In order to get you an answer, I went straight to the source and asked him. He spent about 4 seconds thinking about it and told me, "I can't do this shit anymore" and wandered off. Thanks for the help big guy. Sorry, Andy, the world may never know the answer to your question.

Tony (Lakeville):

"Can you make Journalist Jake do a shot of fireball on the Minnesota Rundown?"

I wish I could. For those of you that don't know, the last time JJ attempted to go toe to toe with a shot of fireball, he passed out on camera during our big livestream, the Sota Stream. Well done Jake. Really showing the readers that we can handle our booze around here. Perhaps Jake will prove me wrong and redeem himself, but I'm not holding my breath. He wont do it. He's too scared.

Alex (Minneapolis):

"My wife says its ridiculous that I stay up all night to watch Korean baseball, is she right?"

Of course she's right. It is ridiculous to stay up all night watching a sport in another country that you obviously don't care about. It's even more ridiculous if you're betting on it. Does this mean you should stop doing either? Absolutely fucking not. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't have to watch (or bet). But you keep right on doing both. Go Twins.

Best Question of the Bag

Antonio (Rogers):

"My girlfriend and I have our anniversary coming up and I'm wondering what the best scents of candles are to get her."

Congrats, but I can't help you with that. Try Andy on twitter @Andysoccer_2. He's the candle expert.

If you want your question featured in the mailbag, send it in to 10ktakesmailbag@gmail.com. If it's a good one, I'll answer it. If not, I'll probably still answer it.

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