• Master Bates

Introducing the Master

Hello Minnesota, North Dakota, and every other state in the union, I'm one of the new members here at 10,000 Takes. My name is Evan but I'll be going by Master Bates. You might be wondering why Master? Well that's because I'm the new outdoors contributor here and have mastered many techniques to hunt wild game and land huge fish. With zero sports going on in this absolutely weird world, the outdoors and its sporting events will become the new master. And who wouldn't pass up a minute to relax in the quiet Minnesota wilderness.

A quick crash course on myself, I grew up in a small town you have never heard of in Minnesota. After that I went into agriculture and have found myself living in Fargo and in Devils Lake, ND. I'm once again back in the area, living just outside Fargo and I'm still able to do all the hunting and fishing I please. Agriculture can make my spring time busy but I'll be sure to give you lots of good content during it. I might also give you an update on how insane I'm going if work keeps me from hunting and fishing.

I'm going to be writing about the outdoors but also don't be surprised when you see me talking about the Twins and Vikings. I recently got into following the Wild and hope to get more insight in the NHL soon. And as for the Wolves well they are...awful. But hey, there's always next year. I'll probably pour out tons of Twins content once the season is underway. Vikings news will follow as they continue the tradition of breaking our hearts.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the outdoors, once this damn April snow storm ends.

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