• AndyB

Introduction to the Crew

Hi, my name is Andy Boerjan aka AB. Now, I know what you’re thinking.. I am not as insane as Antonio Brown but there is one thing we have in common… A massive… desire for business to be BOOMIN!!!

Little bit about me is that I am originally from a small town in western Wisconsin. I have been hearing all about how amazing the Packers are my whole life, and I am sick and tired of it! I will bring a lot of insight about pretty much all things Minnesota sports! Vikings, Twins, Wild, Wolves, Loons, Gopher sports, etc… I played soccer pretty much my whole life. I dabbled in baseball and basketball.. With basketball, I would pull up from half-court and air ball all of my shots so I was a bench warmer mostly.

Great to be a part of 10,000 takes and am very excited to see this thing explode to the potential that I believe that it can!

  • AB

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