Is It Frowned Upon To Make A Song Request At A Strip Club???

There's not a lot of people who would have the audacity to ask this question outside of their own head, let a lone a trusted friend. Why? Because no one feels good about a drunken Saturday night in downtown Minneapolis that ended with the Vue, or dream girls. You stumble out at 5 A.M., see the sun come up, and think one of two thoughts:

"I need help"


"That was the best night of my life"

(Typically it's the first one)

Now that I got that out of the way, let's get back to the question at hand: Is it frowned upon to ask for a song request at a strip club? I like the phrase "frowned upon" because we all know it's not against the rules, and its certainly not against the law...

But it's a very weird thing to ask. In a place thats already SUPER strict on rules and boundaries. All you can do is walk around like your stepping on egg shells, just trying your hardest to not get bitched out or yelled at by one of the 6 foot, 300 pound bouncers that guard the place like its Fort Knox.

Are there specific songs I wanna hear at a place like that? Sure. Just because I'm in degenerate mode doesn't mean I don't want to hear a little REO Speedwagon or Offset. I just don't know if it's appropriate to approach the booth and ask. I'd like to keep the list of things I get yelled at to a minimum.

So in all seriousness, if someone with more knowledge could answer this for me, it would be greatly appreciated...


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