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It's Been Exactly 13 Years Since Bert Blyleven Dropped the F-Bomb on Air

Disclaimer: Try to ignore the fact that this video quality is complete oatmeal and focus on the audio:

Circle me Bert! For Fucks Sakes! I get that everyone makes mistakes, but some people's mistakes are funnier than others. This was a classic scenario where he thought he was doing a segment that could have been edited, but ended up being live.

My favorite thing about the whole ordeal was Anthony LaPanta's live reaction. He simply just read his line and moved past the fact that Bert just said the F word twice in a matter of 3 seconds.

I love seeing commentators slip up on the air, it reminds me that they are human beings just like you and drop a couple cuss words when something goes wrong. As a Hall of Fame baseball player (and former Twin) Bert has never been someone to care about a little emotional slip-up. When he was with the Rangers in 1977, he gave a camera the middle finger during a national broadcast, which resulted in his trade to the Pittsburg Pirates.

With that, happy Friday everybody. Get your brooms out because the Indians are about to get swept and the Twins are about to burry the dagger in the AL Central.