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It's Time the Minnesota Wild get a Winter Classic

The Winter Classic has been around for over 10 years and it seems like the NHL keeps putting in the same ole teams. The Bruins, Rangers, Penguins, Sabers, Red Wings, Flyers, and the Capitals have all played in MULTIPLE Winter classic games.

I get it, the NHL loves large market teams, but only 11 different teams have played in this game in its 10+ year existence. HEY @NHL SHOW SOME LOVE TO THE LITTLE GUYS. Its time for the STATE of HOCKEY to be involved in next year's Winter Classic, and since Minnesota produces more American NHLers than any other state, the NHL owes us and it seems they might be ready to cash in this favor.

2019-20 Active American NHLers Stats provided by: https://www.quanthockey.com

According to Michael Russo of The Athletic, the Minnesota Wild are considered a frontrunner to host the annual New Year's Day outdoor game in 2021. The game would take place at Target Field and there would be a week of festivities surrounding the event.

Although I'd love to see the Wild host the 2021 Winter Classic, I'm not getting my hopes up yet. Money talks for the NHL and I wouldn't put it past them to let another big market city host the game.

Fingers Crossed.

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