It's Time to Rip Some Lips and Snag Some Walters, ain't it Bud!

HELL YEAH!!! It's that time of year again. The leaves and grass are turning green, it's getting warmer and that means one thing:

TIME TO GET THE BOAT IN THE WATER (assuming you know how to launch a boat) Don't be that guy:

Anyways, getting back on track, THIS TIME OF YEAR ALSO MEANS GETTING THAT MOTOR STARTED (assuming you were smart enough to test it before launching) AND GETTING THOSE LINES, CORKS, LURES, HOTDOGS, CORN, FROGS, LEECHES, SPINNERS, WORMS WHATEVER THE HELL YOU USE, OUT IN THE WATER (assuming you know how to fish):

If you haven't noticed already, it's Christmas number two this weekend in the great state of Minnesota when fishing opens up across the state. Whether you are going for those early season 'Eyes (walleye), bass or good 'ol crappies, to say that it will be satisfying to get on the lake is an understatement.

In a time like this when you can't do anything except for sit inside and either drink yourself to sleep (not me), eat gross food 'till you puke, binge movies/shows until you become said movie/show (you know who are), share memes about said movie/show like it's crack (again, you know who are), getting outside on Minnesota's amazing lakes to rem the motor, spread waves, rip some lips and snag some Walters will be an immaculate, sensational, INCREDIBLE feeling!

You know, you can suspend sports and close bars as long as I have my fishing in the greatest state to ever do it: Minnesota! Screw quarantining at home, I'll social distance on the lake, thank you very much!

I'll be enjoying some cold brews on the ol' 1990 Fazer Smokercraft up in the north woods while slaying walleye like it's my day job. Whether you are fishing in the cities or up north, enjoy your time on the 10,000+ lakes we have in this great state.....and don't become a viral video! Make sure you know how to back a boat in.

Actually, scrap that, that would be funny! Just go to the lake and back it in regardless of experience!

Happy fishing!

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