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Jared Spurgeon Signs Massive Deal, Is it Worth it?

Jared Spurgeon just got PAID. Like he really got paid. Like he really, really, really got paid. Over the next 7 years, Spurgeon will be adding 53.025 million dollars to his bank account. This is big news, and for several reasons:

1. The Wild lock down the 29-year-old for the next 7 years, virtually guaranteeing he will start and end his career with the Minnesota Wild.

2. Spurgeon overtakes Matt Dumba and Ryan Suter as the highest paid Wild defensemen, does this mean he is now the official go-to defenseman?

3. His cap hit of $7.575 million per year is the highest in team history, over taking Zach Parise and Ryan Suter’s previous record of $7.538 million per year (I also learned that Thomas Vanek had the 5th highest cap hit in Wild history, which is both sad and hilarious lol).

So, the big question is, is Spurgeon worth this contract?

The answer is a resounding YES!!!! Don’t believe me?

Just look at some of his stats.

Spurgeon is already arguably the best defenseman in Minnesota Wild history. Look at where he ranks among defensemen in franchise history:

First in goals scored: 70

Second in assists: 178

Second in points scored: 248

Second in Plus/Minus: +51

First in game-winning goals: 13

With this re-signing, Spurgeon has a chance to cement himself as the greatest defenseman in Minnesota Wild history.

Spurgeon, who scored a career high 43 points last year, also stacks up well against his peers (data from of Corsica Hockey):

1. He scored the 8th most goals among defensemen last season

2. He has the 6th highest WAR among all NHL defensemen since 2014. WAR is a statistic that attempts to estimate how many wins a player would generate for a team, compared to a replacement level player. This shows just how valuable Spurgeon is for the wild. Since 2014, only 5 other defensemen have generated more wins per replacement level player than Spurgeon. These D-men include, Victor Hedman, John Klingberg, Mark Giordano, Erik Karlsson, and Ryan McDonagh. That’s some elite company right there.

3. Since 2014, his giveaways per hour ranks LAST among all defensemen. No one turns the puck over less than Jared Spurgeon.

4. He has incredibly high hockey IQ. Corsica hockey thinks of him so highly that his expected goals-for percentage at regular strength is 1st in the NHL since 2014.

5. Since 2011, no NHL player has played more while amassing fewer penalties. Another testament to his ridiculous hockey IQ.

The dude is a crazy smart hockey player, who scores plenty, stays away from dumb penalties, and leads his team to wins.

Not only does he put up the numbers, but he genuinely loves Minnesota!

Look at his response below to his re-signing below

Minnesota just locked down their #1 D-man for the next 7 years. This is something to get excited about.


If you really want to get excited about this signing, just watch one of the most clutch goals in Wild History:

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