Jayron Kearse's Saturday Night

Some people spend their Saturday nights at home, working, out at the bar with friends pounding Vodka Red Bulls (me). You know, simply just following the rules.

Onnnnnn the flip side, there are people like Jayron Kearse that decide to go on a drunken drive down a closed part of I-94 with a loaded handgun. Sounds electric right?


Records show Kearse was booked at 5:27 a.m. and was held at Hennepin County Jail until he posted $6,000 bond Sunday afternoon.
According to an incident report from the Minnesota State Patrol, Kearse was stopped heading eastbound on Interstate 94 just before 4 a.m. A state trooper observed Kearse drive his Mercedes around a barricade onto the closed portion of eastbound I-94 at Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis.
Kearse, 25, was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving while impaired. According to the report, the state trooper observed signs of alcohol impairment during his interaction with Kearse. Kearse registered a blood alcohol concentration of .10.
The arresting officer also located a loaded firearm inside Kearse's vehicle, according to the report. Kearse was subsequently booked at Hennepin County Jail on suspicion of fourth-degree DWI and carrying a firearm without a permit.

A couple questions on my end. Jayron, have you ever heard of this magical thing called Uber? Yep you heard right, some people drive all night! Hell these NFL players make so much money they could afford to hire a team of person drivers... You have the resources to protect yourself and others but you still got behind the wheel?

My next question is how you possibly thought driving down a closed part of 94 was a good idea. Doing something like that might work in action movies but unfortunately it doesn't translate to real life. It really just screams: "Hey everyone! Look at me, I'm drunk, fuck this construction". Also, where is his defensive teammate Xavier Rhodes when you need him? You guys thought "Rhodes Closed" was a football saying? Nope. This saying is reserved for when one of his teammates is thinking about swerving around some barriers onto a closed freeway, but he talks them out of it. Duh!

We absolutely HAVE TO address the gun right? What were you planning on doing with that? Why was it loaded? You have an awesome life playing professional football for a great (sometimes) team. Why bring guns into the equation? Why risk your career? It always blows my mind when you hear about players doing illegal shit on the side. There are literally millions of people that would love to trade places with you, and you just threw it all away.

The Vikings haven't released much (or him) quite yet. But I think we all know how this one is going to end. All I can say outside of the fact that he is done is that Jayron Kearse isn't safe enough to be a safety. HA! See what I did there?


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