JJ is Single-Handedly Trying to Ruin My Career!

I just don't understand Journalist Jake (JJ), I call him out over his cougar obsession and he takes it personally? It was just a joke and I honestly didn't think it would anger him to the point where he felt the need to sabotage my work here at the Take...

Let me take you back to last Monday when Bossman, JJ, and I were recording our podcast The Minnesota Rundown. As I was talking about the Minnesota Wild, my AirPods started glitching with the "Hey Siri" feature, which caused me to lose my train of thought. It took me 2-3 try's after the "Hey Siri" incident to finally get my point across, and I kindly asked JJ (the editor of The Minnesota Rundown) to please cut out my errors. We don't record live so if someone fucks up during the recording they usually say something along the lines of "cut that out please", so when JJ is editing he knows exactly where to cut. After I asked him to cut it out for me, JJ informed me that it would be cut and we finished recording the podcast.

So you can imagine my dismay when I turned on the Minnesota Rundown the next morning to find out that JJ LEFT ALL OF THE FUCKING ERRORS IN THE PODCAST! JJ screws up all the time when we record the Rundown yet he is always able to edit out his errors, but the ONE time I screw up JJ leaves it as is for the world to see. What a dick.

When I confronted him about it all he said was, " Shit, I remember I was going to fix it but then something else came up and I forgot". What a bullshit excuse! This is the job he signed up for and all he can say is he "forgot"?? As an accountant, if I "forget" to file a client's tax return I would get fired.

Count this as strike one JJ...

Watch The Infamous Podcast where JJ forgets to cut out my mistakes here:


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