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Kevin Fiala is Officially a First Team Smoke!

Well, I guess the NHL is now a fashion/model magazine, and its models are the players it employs. If you did not already see, the official Instagram page for the NHL posted a Vogue-like picture of Kevin Fiala posing seductively for the camera, captioned "Kevin Fiala: First Team #ManRocketMonday" so I would assume this does not pertain to skill.

Look, I am a heterosexual male and even I know Fiala is a good looking dude. And I am ecstatic the NHL is giving the Minnesota Wild some love by showcasing the Suisse sensation. It's a great, high quality picture! But am I only the one who found this post odd coming from the NHL main page? I know the original post came from Kevin Fiala's Instagram, but still. Why did the NHL have to repost it?

You see a post about a top NHL draft prospect, one about a great moment in NHL history, one regarding hockey trivia, and then BAM! A high-quality, seductive/erotic, Backstreet Boys-esque picture of Fiala pops up out of nowhere. Hey, if they are trying to bring more women (or guys; I don't judge) into the sport, whatever. I am all for it! You would just think these kind of pieces would be left to Vogue, GQ, Playboy or even individual athletes' Instagrams, in this case, Kevin Fiala's. But someone on the NHL social team, who must really have a thing for Fiala, went off and reposted it from his page.

It looks like this will be a thing every Monday, and I don't how I feel about that. But I am curious to see who will join Fiala on the First Team. They should just start a hockey wives/girlfriends hashtag while there at it. I would be all for it!


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