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Kirk Cousins Happy Hour Tonight - What's He Drinkin'??

If you haven't already heard, the NFL schedule releases in a few hours. Roger Goodell, of course, has turned the schedule release into an event this year because, hey! what else could us dumb, sports addicted saps going through withdrawal be doing? Absolutely nothing. Korean baseball isn't on til after midnight! Like a pimp and his stable, Roger's got us tweakers tweakin', and tonight, he gives us juuuuuust enough of a fix to keep us addicted and loyal.

The Vikings, like many other teams, are also tapping into the event by hosting a virtual happy hour, sponsored by Miller Lite because their top ad exec is hoping that if I am desperate enough for a tiny fix of football, I might be desperate enough to drink a Miller Lite.

And I'll be damned, they were probably right! This virtual Happy Hour sounds great, and getting to cyber clink glasses with Kyle Rudolph and Kirk Cousins is something many Vikings fans have on their Coronavirus Bucket List. This got me thinking, What the hell is Kirk Cousins gonna have in his glass?

The man may be from Michigan, but he doesn't exactly strike anyone as a "drinker" so I posed the question to the 10,000 Takes group chat and these were the responses:

Zooch: Some Christian Brothers Brandy on the rocks

Brew: He drinks lukewarm water I'm pretty sure.

Master Bates: Ice cold water with lemon

Math Man: Kombucha

Dev: warm milk with a Miller Lite sticker on the glass so he can support the sponsor

Coleman: Probably O'Douls or Busch NA

Zepper: Communion Wine

Joey Shoubash: Kirkland Vodka

So that's what some of the guys here think, what about you? I want to hear your best guesses for what beverage we see in Kirk's hands tonight! Also, Kirk, if you're reading this, I support you always and admire you and the incredibly pure love you have for Julie. Let's have a drink sometime.

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