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Kirk Cousins Turns Down MULTIPLE Contract Offers

When this NFL off-season began, we all knew two things were inevitable: a Dalvin Cook extension (which I am opposed to, but that's another story), and a Kirk Cousins extension. Well, according to ESPN's Courtney Cronin, the Vikings have presented multiple offers to #8, and he has reportedly said no to all of them.

Courtney says that Kirk would like to wait until the free agency period begins, and other teams (like the Cowboys) start to sign quarterbacks to ridiculously expensive deals. That way, both Kirk and the Vikings will know what fair market value is for a quarterback this year. For the Vikings, this is the absolute worst thing that could happen for them in this situation. They were hoping to extend Kirk sooner rather than later, stabilizing the quarterback position for a few more years, as well as freeing up some more cap space. They already started freeing some space this week by cutting Rhodes, Joseph, and Morgan, but this would help even more. Plus, if they could've signed him on a team friendly deal, it'd be the perfect situation for them.

However, put yourself in Kirk Cousins' shoes. Let's say you work at Target. You and another person both do the same job, you both do it well, and you both make about the same. Target approaches you and says, "Hey, we'll give you a two dollar per hour raise." You agree, and life is good. You can now get an extra scoop of meat in your Chipolte burrito without second guessing it. But a week later, Target goes to the other guy and says, "Hey we'll give you a FOUR dollar per hour raise." What's your thought process? Obviously, you'll be thinking "what the actual fuck." You go to Target and tell them "what the actual fuck," and they say, "Oh, we're paying you less because it's better for the company, and we can afford to hire more people because we're paying you less." How would you react to that?

Now look, I get a $15-20 wage is different that the millions that NFL players are paid. But even if the difference is one million dollars here, who the fuck is just going to throw that out the window?

I agree with Kirk here. 100 percent. Why should he not want to be paid what is fair? And if the Vikings won't offer it, play out this next season and find someone who will. No one in their right mind would just turn their back on extra money that they should be paid.

Now let's go out and use that cap space to sign an offensive lineman. Give Kirk everything he needs to succeed. See if he can bring us deep into January, and if he can, he'll get rewarded with another huge contract next year. You like that? I like that.

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