Kirk Rant & A Way too Early 2020 Record Prediction

Yesterday was a great day, the weather was beautiful and the NFL 2020 regular season schedule was dropped. Fans everywhere rushed to twitter to tell everyone that their team will be "13-3" and win the Super Bowl. NEWS FLASH: They aren't going to. That is the nature of the beast with NFL fans though. We had 2 blogs posted when the schedules were released breaking down the NFL schedule as a whole and a Vikings schedule breakdown(I encourage you guys to take a look). I'm going to take it a step further and give my way too early record prediction. First, I have a bone to pick with my fellow Vikes fans.

People that know me personally know I am as big a Kirk Cousins supporter as there is. It's a position that the Vikings have desperately needed stability at for a very long time. They now have a guy who has put up back to back solid seasons, drove us down the field IN OT, IN THE SUPERDOME, delivering dime after dime in a playoff game that nobody had us winning. It's not his fault in 2018 his line couldn't block a cone if their life depended on it and losing a talented RB like Cook week 4 didn't help him either. When it comes to QBs, Viking fans are like that rich kid that wants the new BMW cause his car isn't cool enough. You always see people online whining about how much money Kirk makes, here's some names that make more than him: Jared Goff, Big Ben, Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, and Jacoby Brisset makes right around the same. Oh and guess what not one of those QBs played in the playoffs in 2019. Do I think Kirk is overpayed, sure, but that's just how teams are paying QBs now. The team they have been able to build with that contract is a solid squad with a lot of talent, so to be mad about that seems ridiculous. You would think a fan base that has watched names like: Josh Freeman, Matt Cassel, Christian Ponder, Joe Webb IN A DAMN PLAYOFF GAME, Sean Hill, and for gods sake Brooks Bollinger, would appreciate what Kirk brings to the table. Expecting the dude to make no mistakes is about as stupid as injecting yourself with disinfectant. Lets just ride the contract out and see where it goes, nothing we can do about it. Alright, Kirk rant over now to my 2020 Minnesota Vikings record prediction.

The Vikings start their season against the hated Green Bay Packers, the bye week falls on Week 7, and we close it out against the Bears. Wait no, sorry force of habit, they end their 2020 season in Detroit playing the Lions. They only play 2 Primetime games(THANK YOU LORD) and most the games are played at noon. This bodes well for the Vikes and Kirk who seems to play his best ball in that time slot. I'm hearing people talk about how difficult the opening 5-6 weeks are and i respectfully disagree. The AFC South doesn't scare me as much as the NFC South schedule, plus they get the 3 AFC South teams in the first 4 weeks. Houston tried to get worse, Tennessee doesn't have a pass game and can't play from behind, and Rivers is an INT machine so Indy week 2 should be fun. Our yearly L to the Seahawks comes at week 5 but not having fans in the stands would help them greatly. When the Bye week rolls around the Vikings will be 4-2. After the Bye week they open up with 3 divisional games where they drop 2 of 3. Until they show fans they can win in the Windy City that is always an L to me. 3 game homestand follows that. They play Dallas, Jax, and Carolina. This feels like a sweep with the games getting easier week to week, close game with Dallas followed by 2 blowouts for our Vikings. That puts them at 8-4 going into a very tough matchup with:

The schedule gets tricky here, my gut tells me they drop the road games @NO and @TB but the way they played in the dome in January makes me have some confidence. I have them winning vs. CHI and @Det to close the season. Don't think they pull off either game on the road, it's good they get to see them before possibly meeting the playoffs, so that is a positive. My way too early prediction is that the hometown boys go 10-6 and win the NFC North. The NFC is going to be a dogfight this season because of that i believe the Vikings at 10-6 will have a good enough record to win their division. The Vikings are going to need their young CBs to step up and give the defense some help on the back end. I think they start slow, but with Zimmer being a CB guru those guys will be ready for late season and playoffs. Injuries could also play a part for the Vikings, their WR is not as deep as they'd like and one injury could take a HUGE toll on this team. Lets just hope football gets to start on time and have it be safe enough for fans in stadiums for the playoffs.

- Zooch

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