Korean Twins?

I'm not talking about the Korean Twins you saw in that graphic video...

Want to know what's better than no baseball? Korean Baseball.


The new baseball season began in South Korea on Tuesday with the crack of the bat and the sound of the ball smacking into the catcher's mitt echoing around empty stadiums.

After a weeks-long delay because of the coronavirus pandemic, umpires wore protective masks and cheerleaders danced beneath rows of unoccupied seats as professional baseball got back on the field.

I almost thought this was a Cleveland Indians game pre-coronavirus, turns out it's modern day Korean baseball.

When it comes to getting our sports back, this isn't exactly what we want, but it sure plays in my favor. Want to know who the new CEO of betting on foreign sports is? It's me. Gambling on American sports have put me in a big enough hole that not even a 100 foot ladder is ever getting me out of this shit. So I'm going to give Korean baseball a run for their money and see if I can win enough to take an empty-plane vacation to somewhere without people.

Wanna know the best part? This league has a team called the "LG TWINS" that's based out of Seoul, South Korea. Yep, their fucking team names start with sponsorships, which shows you how commercialized sports are over there.

Here are their uniforms, look familiar?

I would say this is a ripoff of the greatest baseball team to ever do it (except for when they aren't), the Minnesota Twins:

This team even went as far as winning two championships before the 2000's. Thats our thing, you can't just take that from us. And for further clarification, NOWHERE in the LG Twin's Wikipedia page does it say they were inspired by Minnesota.

*By the way, Wikipedia is the most reliable site for information in the world and if you disagree, send me an angry email through AOL because I already know thats what you use.

I don't care who you are, this is the same damn logo that we have seen here for years. Its the same exact logo that Puckett hit an absolute piss missile in during game 6 of the 1991 World Series. It was "See you tomorrow night" not "See ya tomorrow at Walmart for the LG blowout sale". I would totally support the LG Twins, hell you could have found me watching them at 3 A.M. after having enough beers to kill a fully grown horse. Unfortunately, they gave no credit to their inspiration, so Ill limit myself to watching them for gambling purposes ONLY.

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