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Let's Get Er' Done in Iowa City

Now that the college football season is winding down, the college basketball season is in full swing.

The Gophers basketball team has looked iffy this year so far. They are 4-4 and open up conference play tonight against the Iowa Hawkeyes in Iowa City.

We lost to them in football this year, so why not beat them in basketball to start the conference season? That would be nice! It won't be easy though.

Iowa is 6-3 (0-1) losing their first conference game to Michigan over the weekend. They had a tough schedule like the Gophers, but the difference is they actually won games over more difficult opponents such as Texas Tech and Syracuse, as much as I hate to say it.

Minnesota has been slightly disappointing to start the year, however, they have looked good as of late. They did beat Clemson last week at home. Take that momentum and bring it to Iowa.

Remember, who hates Iowa? WE HATE IOWA!

Our overall record may not be all too good right now at 4-4, but it's a whole new slate starting Big Ten play. We are 0-0 in the conference season. Let's start undefeated, huh?

Go Gophers!

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