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Liquor Stores Are Confirmed An Essential Business in Minnesota

You wouldn't expect 10,000 Takes to be the most reliable source on these matters, and frankly I wouldn't blame you for agreeing. But this is a question I've heard a lot of people ask and there didn't seem to be a clear answer to it... UNTIL NOW

Yeah it's true, liquor stores are legally allowed to stay open during the quarantine as they are considered an "essential business". Wanna hear my source? An actual liquor store, because I went there and purchased much of their essential inventory today, and they told me they aren't going anywhere. So that looks like a green light to me....

I gotta say, Lakeville Liquors had it down. They had an employee waiting outside wiping down carts and not allowing more than 15 people in the store at a time. They also had their cashiers behind a glass wall where they could see your ID and watch you scan your own items. And thanks to the fact that the credit card readers are close enough, you can do that all by yourself as well! Outside of the old man behind me that was obviously confused, I'd say it was a pretty slick system!

A lot of credit to the Minnesota Government on this one. They understand that this bordome is fucking horrible, the only REAL way to flatten the curve and keep people indoors is to allow themselves to drown in liquor. Because it's working.

As you heard in JJ's blog, bars and restaurants wont be open again until May 1st at the very least... But in trying times people rally together, they use zoom for their parties, and they watch my new power hour on repeat. So credit to the human race on this one.

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