• Master Bates

Local Fishing Seasons Changed!

God damn coronavirus has finally found a way into the outdoor sports I enjoy. Coronavirus hasn't completely destroyed it but something interesting has happened none the less. The Minnesota Governor's fishing opener has been cancelled this year. North Dakota as well has decided to cancel the popular paddlefish snagging season over COVID-19 concerns. It doesn't come as a surprise to me as Governor Tim Walz has done everything to stop the virus in our beautiful state. He has done everything from staying home himself, a shelter in place order, and encouraging us to fish while keeping social distancing in mind.

Don't worry, fishing will be perfectly normal for us residents and non residents. There is no way in hell that you are going to keep me off the water for some opening weekend walleyes. The Minnesota fishing season will be a great opportunity for people to get out and enjoy some fresh air. The Minnesota DNR has said it will be out on patrol making sure people keep proper distance from one another while using boat ramps and bait stores. But don't forget your license as they will be looking for that too. The North Dakota Game and Fish officers will also be doing the same. A good rule I have seen going around is stay one fishing pole length away from other people. Maybe this will keep other fisherman away from your hotspot while fishing from shore. But I think that there is a deeper reason, something darker at hand for the cancellation of these events.

The real reason Governor Walz cancelled the event is...he sucks at fishing. Walz just couldn't stand to be in the spot light and get humiliated again. I guess you can't blame the man, not catching a fish is the worst feeling in the world. Last year for 2019 opener, rumor is he couldn't even get a bite. If you think about it I believe he seriously sucks at fishing. I've seen pictures from people in his political and social circle with fish but never himself. The poor man knew his state would hate him for not being able to catch a simple walleye yet again.

As for North Dakota and the cancelled paddlefish season, the governor just honestly wanted to get out there and catch one. With no one out on the rivers looking for the big one, Doug can disappear for the day and not get caught playing hooky from work. Governor Burgum couldn't bare the idea of another year elbow to elbow trying to snag a monster fish. He figured with a cancelled season he could roam the banks of the Red River alone and get himself a trophy fish while drinking massive amounts of Busch Light. Not a bad idea at all if you ask me.

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