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Loons Talk? An Absolute Pedestrian Effort by L.A. Fans Trying to Be Intimidating

Want to hear something nuts? This is the first blog we've written about the Loons. We would love to have a soccer expert join us to write more (so if you're down to clown and talk soccer, DM me) When I heard they clinched the playoffs the same day as the Twins I went "Playoffs? Two Teams? In Minnesota? On the same day?"

This is my favorite gif because of Minnesota Sports. It's not that I'm shocked when we have good teams that makes the playoffs, there is just a reflex that goes off in my brain whenever I talk about one of my teams making the playoffs. It really doesn't happen often.

While we were playing our division leaders, LAFC on Sunday, their Twitter account attempted to throw some pre-playoff intimidation our way on our home turf. And it was so stupid.

If you like L.A. as a city or any of their sports teams, I would stop reading here. Because I don't like them and I'm not going to pass up on any opportunity I have to throw shade.

This Tweet was posted by LAFC in Allianz Stadium on Sunday:

I'm surprised that out of the 4 million people that live in L.A. they could only get 45 of them to come to this game. I mean, who wouldn't want to travel halfway across the country to watch one of their 536 professional sports teams? Especially teams with cap space so large it allows them to cherry-pick top talent from the premier league. (The Galaxy are trash by the way, even with Zlatan).

I know who wouldn't come here, people in L.A!! Minnesota's temperatures in late September get down to 55 degrees, especially when the sun goes down. Out west, we are talking about a city lockdown at that temperature. Cancel school and bundle up if you plan on going outdoors!

I also love how they say "A Call to Arms In Minnesota" almost like that chant was some sort of battle cry. Was it suppose to scare us? Make us nervous for October? If I was heading into battle on my home turf and heard that, I'd say: "There's no way these guys kill us, I'm gonna go get a beer and watch them attempt to fight".

Whats funny to think is that this is what they do at away games. Home games are a whole other step up from this. When at home, their fans rally together and dress up like the most badass airsoft players on the planet:

Just an all around poor effort LAFC....

I really didn't think the MLS would fire me up like this, but I really don't like Los Angeles or any of their sports teams, so it didn't take much.

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