Mad Kirk Equals Winning Kirk

What a game, what a quarterback, what a receiver. Just an overall solid victory on Sunday for our boys in purple. We played so damn good and I credit this victory to the man I, and a lot of Minnesota, was hating on just a couple weeks ago. Kirk Cousins. He looked like a seasoned quarterback that knew what he was doing and how to do it well. 22 for 29 with 333 yards, and 4 (!) touchdowns.

Kirk wasn't afraid to throw the deep ball this weekend and it shows. Stefon Diggs had 2 touchdown receptions that were over 50 + yards each making him the first Viking since Randy Moss in 2000 to have a game like this. Whatever fears us Minnesotans had of Diggs leaving this team can surely be gone now. It appeared he had a great time on Sunday (he did some damn snow angels in the end zone and even got a chance to be quarterback kind of for a play) Hell we even got a wink form him and this time one that won't scare us for days. Also, a top-tier Tweet from the Vikings account.

Even our defense looked solid. Danielle Hunter set a record himself during the game. He has the most sacks out of any player in NFL history before the age of 25.

I'm really liking how this team is coming together right now. We're in a good spot right now with some serious momentum and I think everyone knows it. Captain Kirk said after the game about a missed throw to Diggs, “I thought about apologizing to him, but apparently that’s not the way to do things around here, so I guess my days of apologizing to people are over.”

The Eagles linebacker, Zach Brown, who said that the weakest part of our offense was Kirk's ability to throw the ball, and that he hoped Kirk would throw it is the reason they lost. If I'm a Philly scumbag I would be calling for his resignation. Nice guy Kirk is dead and what we are left with is an angry, aggressive QB who should trust his arm and throw the deep ball to a solid receiving core that the organization has.

But let's not let Kirk get too comfortable, he clearly plays his best when he's angry. So what the hell Kirk, one interception on Sunday and a poor rushing performance?? 84 million guaranteed should give us some rushing yards and less picks.

That's all I've got for now, hopefully we can carry this success into next Sunday in a division game against the Lions (if we lose that I don't even know what I'd do).

(I'm sorry if I was mean, Kirk. I love you)


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