• Master Bates

Madden 21: We didn't change a damn thing edition

After a few months absence for spring planting I'm finally able to catch up on what's happening in the world. Turns out I missed a lot while helping farmers get in the field. I guess I should have stayed busy and not watched 2020 keep being such an awful year. But one thing I didn't miss out on was the new Madden trailer. I like to play some video games as much as the next guy. Zepper and I even have a whole 3 wins on Warzone together. Sports video games are my favorite by far. I'm that guy who needs the new rosters on my teams every year.

Madden and EA sports are the king at taking my money. And not updating the game at all though. You could have played the trailer from Madden 18, updated the players on there, and I would have had no clue what year the game trailer was from. The graphics are always slowly improving as well as new commentary for the year. Other than that, what the hell did they even update! Some sweat? Oh boy my players will have a hard time out there now keeping the coronavirus to themselves and not sweating on everyone. I’m so disappointed that each year hardly any new updates are put into the game. EA sports know we are going to buy the game each year no matter what. Those fuckers.

I could go on for hours about how they hardly update the game and then turn around and sell it for $59.99. Maybe one year they will make major updates or go to an every other year format with a new roster for purchase in between. I also feel like these "new" ways to control the game have just been renamed from prior years as well. "All New Juke Moves" is one example of the yearly scam they give you.

Instead of bitching for a few more paragraphs I’ll share some of my favorite memes and leave it at that while I go grab a beer and head to a lake to go fishing. Thanks to NFL Memes for giving me a laugh.

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