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Make Fighting On Facebook Great Again

Am I the only one who misses people fighting on Facebook? I'm not talking when people fight about politics or sports, because that shit gets old REALLY fast.

I'm talking about personal attacks, sub posting, commenting on comments, etc. Back in the day, it was some of the most entertaining shit on the internet. I'd find myself breaking down massive fights on Facebook for HOURS. The showdown of the century all started when that trashy girl from high school found out that her "bestie for the restie was a total whore". And when you saw that little button reading "78 comments", you knew you were one click away from a real treat.

And the best part? When that guy who doesn't really talk to anyone or rarely starts anything posts this right in the middle of the turmoil:


When someone dropped this gif, you knew that the volcano was ready to erupt. It was time to buckle up your seatbelt and hang on for the wild ride we all know is going to end in tears and a potential Facebook suspension.

So what do I propose? That together as one, we make Facebook fighting great again! We drain the swamp of the fake people who don't want to share their true opinion on stupid posts. We build a wall between Twitter, and we deal with our problems the same way we did back in 2010, over Facebook in the most insulting way possible. But the key here is to make sure that you look down when you pass that person in public, because we don't want shit getting awkward now do we?

Here is a great example of how 10,000 Takes is leading the charge. Jake wrote an extremely controversial blog about how he hates what the Super Bowl Halftime Show has turned into. And boy, did we have some fun:

Jake certainly asked for this, but I just couldn't resist the urge to bury this guy like I do anyone else who decides to start shit with us:

Then we had some people from L.A. join the party:

And we fired back a few times at this clown:

He was too stupid to realize that "takes" and "followers" aren't the same word...

And then this man has the audacity to go after the top dog. So naturally I bit him and ended it by delivering my finishing move:

I wasn't going off on these people because I was mad, I was doing this out of respect for what I really miss, which is personally attacking people on Facebook (mind you people that start it, I don't go after people first. I'm no bully.)

So I hope some of you join us in making this tradition relevent again. Because right now it's cold, I can't gamble until March, we are in the dark window of sports, and I need a new hobby.

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