Mark Zuckerberg Hates Minnesota

Now I just wanted to start this off with saying I loved Zuck in the Social Network

Honestly wished the Winklevoss twins came out on top, but that's a whole new take that I won't get into right now.

Since our success on Twitter has been immediate and some could say overwhelming (WCCO followed us, not a big deal) we figured we should expand the social media game to Instagram.

When late last night I went to follow my friends and family to show them this awesome new blog, Zuck stoped me from following people.

Zuckerberg has all the reason to hate Minnesota, I get it. Minny is leading Boston College by 7 games in the lifetime series between the two Universities. Zuck got his start right outside Boston so I can see where this grudge comes from.

He's also a robot, and of course he would hate such a beautiful state as Minnesota, we have it all. Things that he will never and would ever want to experience first-hand.

This is just more evidence that we are right up there with the big sports guys; ESPN, NBC, you name it. If Marky Mark and his net worth of 69 billion dollars (nice) cares enough to not let us follow and grow our brand we must be on the map.

(or Instagram is afraid of bots making accounts and following thousands of people, but that robot Zuckerberg hating Minnesota is catchier)

Follow the Insta, @10000takes, and tell a friend to tell a friend about us, cause even though one of the most successful people in the world hates us we're here to stay.

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