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Mike Max is the GOAT (of Journalism)

I always say I am the greatest journalist to ever do it, but that title should probably belong to WCCO reporter, Mike Max.

We have all seen the craziness with tear gas filling the streets, fireworks exploding, flash bangs, buildings on fire, rubber bullets, random objects being thrown! And in the middle of it all is Minnesota's own, Mike Max.

He has inserted himself into the middle of the action interviewing protesters, and one could say, risking his life just to provide us, the viewers, a first-hand perspective on everything happening in Minneapolis surrounding the murder of George Floyd. I mean the guy ran into a shed with protesters. What a baller:

To remind everyone, Mike Max is primarily the sports guy at WCCO. He is not usually playing the "hard news" role. To pivot from the comfort of reporting sports to standing on the streets alongside protesters is an amazing sight, especially as Minnesotans! And this is not to say there have not been other fearless journalists on the front lines covering the protests because there definitely has been, but Mike Max just hits close to home being he is a local guy reporting on the streets with absolutely no fear.

Journalism serves as a crucial element in a society, especially in the United States, which is to properly inform the public on events like this in an authentic and unbiased manner. And Mike Max is doing just that. He is getting up close right into all the action.

He is also finding positivity in times that seem so dark:

Keep it up Mike! We need more journalists like you!

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