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Minnesota Fishing Opener Preview

It’s finally here. Its importance is only rivaled by Minnesota Deer Hunting and Christmas. And if you needed any more hype this is what Bubba had to say “Rippin lips and Busch lattes plus a fat lip doesn’t get any better than that folks.” The 2020 MN Fishing Opener is THIS WEEKEND! Holy Fuck, now I can finally keep some walleyes in Minnesota. I have spent the last few months in North Dakota fishing for walleyes where the seasons never close. Get some bait, gas, and snacks near home and then head to a lake with some decent fish in it. The only common spot you will share with other people is a boat ramp. No need to watch out for the coronavirus. Just pour some gasoline on your hands after using the boat ramp and call it good. Now a quick break down some of the popular spots in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and what to expect from them.

Region Roundup

Mille Lacs- What the fuck is the DNR thinking here? It’s a big, beautiful lake but for some reason the DNR think its over fished. You can keep all of ZERO walleyes. Who in their right mind would go fish this lake and keep nothing? If you live close or are looking for a big ole northern pike or a muskie, give it a try otherwise just go to your local store and see if you can “catch” your walleye limit there.

Lake of the Woods- Talk about a shit load of water and a great place to social distance. The walleye and pike bite are always hot. Be sure to not cross into Canada as you will need a different license and the border is closed still. That might get you in more hot water than not having a $50 fishing permit.

Leech Lake- This lake has always been a mystery to me. I’ve never had luck until the summer when the water warms up. Even then two walleyes is the most I've pulled from here in a day. For a shallow lake, the water temp seems to be key. Ask someone else about this lake, I’m moving on.

Red Lake- Great ice fishing lake, never fished in the summer. I can assume it might be like Leech as warmer and shallow water is going to be key to catching something. Don’t fish the wrong half of the lake though or you are going to be in some deep shit with the reservation. Also 4 walleyes are the limit here.

Minneapolis Region- I don’t know much about any lakes near the Twin Cities but I gave it some research to find closer options for a greater population of Minnesota. Lake Minnetonka seems to be an easy option for all ages near the cities. Lots of bass, panfish, and also walleye. Consult Bubba for more options. I will leave this region to him.

My Lake- I can't tell you much about this lake except its in the West Central Region of the state. I expect to limit out, first hour. I also could be bribed into telling you the GPS coordinates. Worst comes to worse, I’ll reel in the line and hop the border to North Dakota and get shit faced in a bar.

Here's to a great 2020 opener and hopefully lots of trophy fish and fresh fish and chips. But lets be honest for a quick second, a lot of weekends are going to be exactly like this.

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