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Minnesota Football is Full of Cowards? Thanks Barstool!

Thank you Barstool Sports for your "expertise" on Minnesota football and Minnesota as a whole. You Bostonians totally know what our state wants and thinks! (Sarcasm intended).

If you haven't seen it already, my rant against Barstool stems from an "article" they wrote about how Minnesota football is full of nothing but cowards all because the U of M rejected the option to have a night game against Penn State. Take a look for yourself!

Sure, it would have been awesome to have a night game, but there is so much that goes into scheduling games than just simply thinking about ratings. I know Boston guys like some of the writers for Barstool probably only think about winning, money and ratings, but here in Minnesota, we take what we can get.

I don't think Barstool took into consideration that it gets cold as all hell on a November night in Minnesota, and on top of that, I would say it is pretty ELITE to have our team be showcased as one of the first college football games of the day on ABC, a channel that is available on basic cable.

Many people will be tuning into that game right away in the morning. If we had a night game, it would maybe just get lost in the clutter of other top games playing at night. We are practically all alone in the ratings with the 11 AM start. I think it was actually a smart move by the University.

Also, the Golden Gopher basketball team plays a game that Saturday night against Oklahoma in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It isn't a home game, but it would not be practical for the University of Minnesota football team to compete with its basketball team.

Minnesota always gets crapped on by outside media, and Barstool just wanted to fit in, I guess. They don't know our state and don't know our football team like we do. Cowards? Really? C'mon man!

We were playing good, and they had to come along and take a shot at our state, school and football team! Seriously? Don't you have something better to write about?

Don't get me wrong! I like Barstool Sports, and think a lot of their content is entertaining and hilarious. In addition, I am all for Freedom of Speech, so they can write about whatever the hell they want in the end. But please, just stay out of Minnesota sports unless you have something productive to write about. Minnesota already gets enough flak! If you are going to write about cowardice, please look at the facts first or just stick to Boston sports!

Thank you! Go Gophers!

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