• Justin Lees

Minnesota Madness

Alright, here's the deal I'm writing this on my girlfriend's computer and the only way i could use this is if i shouted her out in the blog. So shoutout Harvey for the Mac.

I don't know if you saw it but I made a bracket for all things Minnesota, and the time has come for the people to crown something the most Minnesotan. So follow along with our Twitter account (twitter.com/10000takesmn) if you aren't already, because this is going be an interesting one.

This really could be anyone's ball-game, realistically any of these could be the winner, which is going to make this tourney up for grabs. So shoutout that Covid-19 for forcing my hand in making my own bracket because it ruined the best sports season of the year. Now we have to watch video games and follow along an internet bracket for entertainment while we are all going to be potentially quarantined.

My final four prediction is: Juicy Lucy's, St. Paul, The Mall of America, and We-Fest. This was not an easy decision but the final will be St. Paul vs. the MOA with St. Paul coming out on top. (big 651 guy)

(tweet us your final four prediction, final, and winner and if you're right you may have the chance for a prize... maybe)

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