Minnesota Stays Winning

Sundays hit different when your team won on Thursday night and are sitting at 6-2 after starting the season 2-2. This Sunday was pure bliss without having to worry about the Vikes, you can sit back and relax. No drama, no worrying, just sitting back and watching the Bears choke a game winning field goal.

Thursday's game was not pretty, but who cares, a win is a win. And we did just that, win. Diggs stepped up during Thielen's absence, with a total of 143 yards averaging 20 yards per catch. Mattison showed me that he can be a reliable back-up with his 60 + yards in the 4th quarter and some impressive plays. I can see a good duo forming between him and Dalvin.

Former Vikings players in their homecoming game back in Minneapolis did not shine like Washington fans would have hoped. Keenum left the game early with a concussion. Adrian Peterson only had 76 rushing yards (thanks for peaking in Minnesota, it was truly amazing to watch)

But now the boys in purple and gold haven't lost a game in October, actually no Minnesota team has lost a game in October, T-Wolves are 3-0 and the Gophers football team is 8-0. (Disregard the Twins, we'll win next October) What a time to be a Minnesotan, all our teams are winning, its fall and everything looks nice before it gets to be -20 degrees in January. So enjoy it while you can you've earned it, Minnesota.

Next week the Vikings face a tough Kansas City team in Arrowhead Stadium, a stadium we haven't won in since 1974. To me, this game is going to be a defining moment for the season, we've played some great football against some average teams. Now it is time to step up and make some big plays against a solid team with an explosive offensive and solid defense. Patrick Mahomes is still questionable, but we will see later this week if he will play Sunday. (I hate to root for an injury, but he is too good so maybe stay hurt a few more days Patty). Thielen is still questionable with his hamstring as well.


(get well soon Thielen, we could really use you in Kansas City)

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