Minnesota Wild Broadcasts Just Got WAY Better

Minnesota Wild Fans got excited when Paul Allen announced in a tweet he was getting a chance to call Minnesota Wild games this year!

I mean, who doesn’t love Paul Allen? The man got his start at Canterbury Park (Shakopee, Minnesota) calling horse races, has been the long-time radio voice of the Minnesota Vikings, and hosts a Monday through Friday talk show on KFAN. He has brought us through some of our best and worst moments, from the

"Minneapolis Miracle" to "Wide Left" in 2015.

He brings passion, intensity, and a love for Minnesota sports to each and every broadcast. He is so beloved in Minnesota, that many locals mute their TV during Vikings games so they can have Allen’s broadcast playing for commentary instead.

So, could you imagine my excitement when I heard he was going to be given a shot at calling Wild games this year??!!

Bob Kurtz, the play-by-play radio voice of the Minnesota Wild, is reducing the amount of away games he attends this season. This means several new people will get a shot at the wild radio broadcast this year. Besides Allen, Jim Erickson, Joe O'Donnell, and Kevin Falness will all get a shot at handling the play-calling duties when Kurtz is off.

Allen tweeted out the news on September 10th, and received a tremendous amount of fan support in reply of the news.

You can hear Paul Allen this Sunday on KFAN, when the Minnesota Vikings travel to Green Bay and take on the Packers.


Some famous Paul Allen moments ( Look away Vikings fans):

2003 Vikings vs Cardinals Regular Season Finale

2009 NFC Championship

The 2015 Wildcard Playoff game between the Vikings and the Seahawks

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