MN Wild Talk: I Still Don't Believe

Don't look now, but the Minnesota Wild have gotten points in 3 of their last 4 games. Are they starting to figure it out? Can they really go on a run? I hate to burst your bubble but the short answer is NO. They have given the fan base absolutely ZERO reasons to trust them at all. Even over the last 4 games, they have not been able to string together a good, consistent effort over the course of a FULL game. Let's look at the last four games and you will be able to see why I am so pessimistic about this team.

Game 1: STL 4, MIN 3 (OT)

Through 2 periods the Wild were up 3-2. However, they allowed a 3rd-period goal and lost in overtime. The Wild had a strong 2nd period, but as usual, they couldn't close it out against a good team in the 3rd period. I don't even think I need to mention that the Wild hold a league-worst overtime record of 12-29 since 2015, so even if the boys do make it to overtime what gives us any hope they can actually pull it off? Good teams can actually close out games and win in overtime, which is something the Wild have been struggling with for years.

Game 2: Min 4, ANA 2

The Wild were able to snap their 3 games losing streak with a nice come from behind win against the Ducks. There were some glaring issues with this win, however. Minnesota allowed 2 goals just 25 seconds apart from each other, which is an issue they have been having all year.

Why has Minnesota allowed so many unanswered goals in such a short period of time this year? It has to be a confidence or coaching issue. Well-coached/ confident teams don't have breakdowns like this. It was awesome to watch the Wild score 3 unanswered goals in the 3rd period, but I still can't trust a team that has such obvious breakdowns after allowing a goal. Twice this year they have allowed over 6 unanswered goals in a game…brutal.

Game 3: SJS 6, MIN 5

This game got me redder in the face than Mike Zimmer after a missed field goal.

The Minnesota Wild allowed 4 UNANSWERED FIRST PERIOD GOALS to start the game, which promptly led to a controller getting launched across my living room.

Minnesota was able to rally and make the game close by adding 3 third period goals, but it was too little too late. Good teams don't give up 4 goals to start off a game, and any comeback attempt after that does not impress me since they forced themselves into that position in the first place.

Game 4: MIN 4, ARI 3

This was actually a pretty good win, but just like previous games, Minnesota allowed 2 unanswered first-period goals less than 5 minutes apart. This has to stop and until the Wild can actually string together a few complete games, I'm just going to watch the games with no expectations so they can't hurt me anymore.

All in all, this team has had too many defensive breakdowns, slow starts, unanswered goals allowed, poor coaching, and low confidence all year. Minnesota is also a completely different team at home than on the road. At home, the Wild have a respectable record of 3-1-1, but on the road, they are a pitiful 3-9-0. 20 of the first 30 games are on the road (WTF??) so Minnesota MUST take advantage of having a home heavy schedule for the rest of the year if they hope to gain some steam this season.

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10/12: The Wild travel to LA to take on the Kings at 9:30 CST

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