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MN Wild Talk: I’ve Given Up All Hope

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, I have officially given up on this team. Back to back road losses have left the Wild with a 4-9 record, and has killed any momentum Minnesota had built back up after their 1-6 start. Sure, losing to the St. Louis Blues last Wednesday sucked, but it was nothing compared to their absolutely HORRENDOUS choke-job the previous night before against the Dallas Stars.

After taking a commanding 3 goal lead late in the second period, Minnesota decided that the game was as good as over and took the rest of the night off. They allowed a late second-period goal to make the score 3 to 1, and in typical Wild fashion, they allowed another FIVE UNANSWERED GOALS in the third period.

It would be one thing to allow the Blues to tie it up in regulation and win in overtime, but the Wild just HAD to allow 6 goals in just over a period of play, making it a blowout win for Dallas. This has caused me to abandon all hope. If the Wild can’t secure a 3-goal lead against one of the league’s worst teams in Dallas, how can we expect them to climb out of this massive hole they’ve dug themselves into?

Here’s the answer: WE CAN’T

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Let's see if they can turn around this train-wreck next Saturday when they face the Blues again at 7pm.

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