Monday Night Super Bowl

Thats right, it is the Vikings Superbowl tonight. We need this game, and a win against a team like the Seahawks in Seattle is a statement game. Looking at the playoff picture right now, we are both in the wildcard spot, but winning this is still important. We're coming off a bye so hopefully we can play like an energized and healthy football team, not the other way around where it takes us a quarter to get into gear.

Unfortunately Adam Thielen is still out, even after all of the rest he has gotten. This will be a huge miss for tonight, but we have gotten this far without him so hopefully one more week off will get him to where he needs to be.

In all seriousness, we need to beat Seattle, we cannot let a place like that win. Here are the only good things to come from Seattle:

-The wireless phone. Shoutout for cellphones, Seattle. If we still had to use phones wired into the wall life would be way worse.

-Pickleball. This one is probably my favorite, I'll go toe to toe in anyone in pickleball. For those of you that don't know, this sport is a mix of ping pong, tennis and badminton. It is very popular in retirement communities and I went undefeated against my Grandma's friends in hers (subtle flex).

-Single handle water faucets. Out with the old two handled faucets and in with the new one handle faucets. This one is huge.

-Amazon. I guess this has to be mentioned because you can't buy anything without going to Amazon first.

In 168 years that is all that (I believe) Seattle has contributed to society. This is why the Vikings need to win, all they have is some technology contributions and a one handled sink.

So Skol Vikings, lets go into that rainy city and head back home to the best place on earth, Minnesota, with a W.

(Get well soon Thielen, we miss you)

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