• Bossman

More Looting: Now We're Stealing Legos

Didn't think people stealing funny shit would become a series, but here we are for part 2 due to part one's wild succession.

While millions are protesting the death of George Floyd, Andrew is walking out of Target with the 240 piece Death Star... I don't support the looting, but once again, this guy had the opportunity to take ANYTHING, yet he goes directly to the toy section. You are 12 years too tall to ride this rollercoaster buddy...

In the midst of dangerous rioting and a global pandemic, this guy risked it all for $35 worth of plastic. Theres not a doubt in my mind that he crushed a 12 pack of Mountain Dew, put this thing together, and placed it on his dresser within a 12 hour time period. You really can't make this shit up Minnesota.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone in our nation during this difficult time.

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