Nelson Cruz Hits an Absolute Piss Missile at Top Golf

Fair warning for all of you golfers out there, be prepared to feel even worse about your own golf game...

No seriously though, I've been playing golf since I was 5 years old (17 years ago), and I can't believe what I just witnessed.

Of course this is the same man that has hit over 400 career home runs, but typically the easiest way to ruin a great golf swing is to swing a baseball bat.

Well, Nelson Cruz gave a big middle finger to that in this video. Iv'e played the 3rd floor of Top Golf, and I barley even hit the bottom of the far net. I'm pretty sure Nelson just flew that egg to North Dakota. No way that didn't leave the park.


In other Twins news, a big shoutout to Rocco Baldelli for winning A.L. Manager of the year. No one deserves it more than this guy.

Go Twins

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