NHL Draft Lottery Madness

If you missed it, the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery was tonight and it was nothing short of random. Detroit who was by far the worst team in the league and honestly might've been the worst team in the history of the NHL, will pick 4th overall. The first pick in the 2020 NHL Draft is TBD. Yes, you read that correct. The 1st overall pick and the team that gets young phenom Alexis Lafreniere is one of the 8 teams that loses their play in series. The order goes as follows:

1. TBD

2. LA Kings

3. Ottawa via SJS

4. Detroit

5. Ottawa

6. Anaheim

7. New Jersey

8. Buffalo

Yes, the Minnesota Wild will have a 1/8 chance at getting themselves a young phenom who is being compared to Florida Panther LW Jonathan Huberdeau. Pair that will the emergence of Kevin Fiala and add in Kirill Kaprizov on that second line, the Wild could look very scary for a number of years. Obviously being a Minnesota sports fan I realize this is far fetched but a man can hope. In a year that has been full of surprises, the NHL Draft Lottery definitely followed suit. On top of all of that the team that is place holding the #1 pick is Gary Bettmans favorite team: The Chicago Blackhawks. This obviously rubs us in MN wrong, for once the Wild may be cheering for the Hawks to win their play in series. Only problem is then Edmonton gets a chance at that #1 pick. McDavid, Draisaitl, Talbot, ect. Insert Lafreniere and that team would have NHL teams annoyed for years.

Every year the NHL Draft Lottery is pretty random with a team moving up getting a pick no one expected. It makes it fun, but for a team like Detroit getting the 4th pick seems pretty fucked. If any of you have family/friends that are Red Wings fans, check in on em, they are going through it right now. I mean what is worse: watching that god awful excuse of a team lose 50 plus games or getting screwed out of a top 3 pick, getting a prospect who may not play for 3-5 years.

This is going to make this return to play tournament even more intense, and for the first time ever we may see teams tank when battling for a playoff berth. On top of that, no sports have been played for months and people will be craving all the story lines this will bring. It makes it confusing for fans as well. I'm leaning toward wanting a chance at the #1 pick but i also would like to see the Wild go on a run. Either way, this makes the NHL coming back more exciting and I cant wait to watch it unfold!!!

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