#NoCutCorona Has Begun

As much as social distancing sucks, it's helps degenerate groups like 10,000 Takes come up with all sorts of outrageous ideas we can do when this quarantine is over. They say when one door closes another one opens right? When Coronavirus closed the door on #BossmanBlogs, it opened the door to my newest Bossman movement: #NoCutCorona. I like to think of it as a revolving door:

***The picture above is a live look at me when liver failure kills me instead of the Coronavirus

So what is #NoCutCorona?? It's 110 times more fun than #SoberOctober, way better than #NoNutNovember... And is #NoShaveNovember if that movement snorted steroids and spent the entire quarantine in the gym. This is a movement where no one gets a haircut or trims facial hair until the Coronavirus has moved on and people are back to doing normal shit in public again.

What makes this movement so bold? You don't know when it's going to end. With #NoShaveNovember, you can at least countdown the days when you finally look like you aren't a barbaric creature of nature anymore. But this movement has no end date, so it could be forever and you have noooo idea. What's also different is that you are vowing to not get a haircut for an unknown amount of time, but it's not like you're leaving the house anyways right?

Just to get you in the spirit, I want to show some of the best #NoCutCorona guys to ever do it. They were trail blazers before they even knew it:

Ron Burgundy joined the movement after telling the city of San Diego to go "go fuck yourself". This look is the result of a bold move coming from a bold man. Passion and dedication to not doing anything is what develops this look. I would consider him one of the founding fathers of #NoCutCorona

Chuck Noland is a leader in the movement thanks to his plane crash over the Pacific Ocean. Everything happens for a reason right? Chuck would have lived a boring normal life if it weren't for the Castaway incident. Yes it may have ended with him talking to a volleyball like it was human being, but that's going to be all of us by the time this quarantine is done anyways. So just ride the wave (no pun intended)

Yes, Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) was a terrible person. You just can't look past the fact that he was playing the part. He was bold enough to send bombs in the mail, I don't think anyone had the balls to tell him that he couldn't rock the #NoCutCorona look. Or it may have been the fact that he was psychopath and didn't have access to a pair of scissors.

This picture of Big Ben is only a few weeks old, so he is the most recent big name to join the movement. Thanks to Coronavirus, a man who used to be a clean shaven starting quarter back looks like a mix of Dumbledore and the guy from Epic Mealtime. What a fucking combination.

I would say this sexy guy is still behind the curve, but give him a few weeks and he will be one of the best. Everyone starts somewhere, right? So whoever wants to join the movement, send me pictures to be featured in the weekly update. By the end of this crazy time we will be leaving our homes looking like we never lived in them in the first place, it should be a great way to get girls when the bars open back up!


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