#NoCutCorona Update

Another week in quarantine means another week the 10K crew looks like they ate lunch out of a dumpster. Not only have I gotten shit from my own family members, other blogger's family members, and personal friends... I'm now getting ripped on by random people:

I get it okay... I don't look my best, but thats the point. If I chose to look better in the middle of a fucking pandemic, what kind of bass akwards moron would that make me? And there are PLENTY of better things to poop your pants from (too many beers, an awesome Mexican dinner, your reaction to the stimulus check hitting your account, etc.) No reason that my beard should be classified in the same league with those amazing events. And coming from a guy who has already shit his pants twice this year, I think you can trust my opinion.

I'm onto you Master Bates. The hair is just too short. Like I said to gambling Gabe who refused to grow the beard: You can't go into the final round of the Masters thinking you're only playing 9 holes... I could see him being the kind of guy who just naturally has shorter hair, but who really knows. If I find out he cheated this bit and got a hair cut I'm going to shit my pants for third time this year.

Zepper continues to come out strong with this challange. I don't have much criticism here.

Coleman has been seeing some massive improvements to length over the last few weeks. I'm actually getting afraid he might pass me here in the next few weeks. I don't hear from Kyle much outside of this bit, So I hope he's well.

Did Jake just escape from a Russian war prison? I get that he had a rough weekend fishing, but the excitement level continues to decline as the weeks go on. Also, he still looks like Kirk Cousins.

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